Gruppenfoto des K├╝chenteams Simon Faber

People and values

We are proud that sustainability, environmentally conscious action and regionality have long been anchored into our corporate philosophy.

We are proud to be a modern company with traditional roots that adapts to the now without leaving behind its history.

We are growing dynamically through the development of new business areas, ideas and long-term partnerships.

We work independently, creatively and with the highest quality awareness.

We offer attractive jobs in order to find the best employees on the market and therefore remain competitive in the long term.

We continuously ensure our service quality through professional training and mutual support with the aim of wowing our guests.

We ensure an efficient flow of information in and between all departments in order to optimise work processes and cost structures as well as to minimise potential hazards.

We treat company resources as our personal property and try to avoid wastage and damage.

We are a role model for our competitors and are used as a reference.