Wald und Genuss Package im Hotel Schloss Hernstein Schloss Hernstein

Sustainability and environment

As a proud bearer of the Austrian Ecolabel for tourism businesses and the EU Ecolabel, we take responsibility for our environment - for present and future generations.

We place particular emphasis on sustainability, environmentally conscious thinking and action. It's important to us to actively motivate both our staff and guests to act in an environmentally friendly way.

Photovoltaic systems have been proven to reduce CO2 emissions during power generation. That is why we have been using solar energy since September 2022 and thus cover a large part of the annual electricity requirement through CO2-emission-free photovoltaic in-house production.

With that we want to set another example for climate protection.

Bees (along with many other species) are crucial to almost all ecosystems on earth, because they ensure the pollination of a large part of the plants and thus the richness of the food chain.

We have therefore decided to settle beehives on our more than 6ha property and the honey extracted from the beehives is also offered at the breakfast in our Brasserie.

Weg durch einen Park Peter Hruska
Blick auf den Turm von Schloss Hernstein Peter Hruska

The efficient use of energy through the use of LED lamps, the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents, involving our guests in the implementation of our environmental programme and the careful separation of waste by our staff, as well as the possibility for our guests to separate their waste are all particularly important to us.

We invite our guests and employees to comply with our environmental measures and in doing so to continuously improve environmental protection in order to jointly define new standards for the future.

Combining the traditional with the new while protecting the region is an integral part of our credo at Schloss Hernstein.